Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How to Data Backup Your iPhone

iCloud which were provided by Apple can help us back up iOS data. Also, you can connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer.

Step1: Find the "Settings" icon on your iPhone or iPad, click and open it, then find out the "iCloud" icon, as shown below.

Step2: Click the button "iCloud", enter your Apple ID and password. If you don't have one, click the mark that shown on the picture below, "Free Access to Apple ID".

Step3: After entering the account and password, click on "Login". Now, the system is verifying, as the picture below shows.

Step4: After finishing the verification, the system will ask us whether to merge our data and iCloud on our phones. Click on "Merge" if you want to merge, and the system will display "Saving", as shown below.

Step5: Then, we will be asked whether to start the function - "Find My iPhone", click on the "OK" to continue, as shown below,

Step6: As all things are set up, click on "Storage and Backup", as shown below,

Step7: The system will display our current iCloud storage space. Click "iCloud Backup", to enables it. Next time when we charge, and access to a wireless LAN, the device will back up the data automatically.

That's it, after operate the steps mentioned above, you have backed up your iPhone 5s data. It's easy, isn't it? Got it? You can back up your iPhone data and prevent iOS data from losing easily.