Saturday, April 25, 2015

How to Adjust Brightness on iPhone 6/ iPad mini

Nowadays, more and more people get used to reading e-books with their iPhones or iPads, but it is not a good habit because bright screens may cause uncomfortableness or even harms to eyes. Actually, there is minimum screen brightness output function on iPhone or iPad such as 7 nit on iPhone 6 and 4 nit on iPhone Plus and iPad Air 2, so people can adjust brightness on iPhone/iPad. Now, there is a practical approach of triple clicking home button to turn on the function to have screen brightness under the minimum. Before getting started, you have to do some settings.

1. Turn on "Settings" and tap the "Accessibility".

2. Enter the "Zoom" interface in the "Accessibility".

3. Turn on the "Zoom".

4. Back to the homepage, double clicks the screen with three fingers. Move the zoom module in the popping up menu to the leftmost position.

5. Select the "Choose Filter".

6. Choose the "Low Light".

7. Back to the homepage and go to the bottom to turn on the "Accessibility Shortcut". Triple click the home button to set it as Zoom, which means the low light filter is turned on as long as triple click the Home button in any interface.

Following the processes above, you can adjust your iPhone 6 / iPad mini brightness on your own, and your eyes would suffer too much anymore! Even though Apple is so considerate for setting the minimum output function to mitigate the harm from screen brightness, you are better not to use your phone in the darkness. Remember, good habits keep you stay healthy.


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