Sunday, December 29, 2013

How to Disable SMS Messages in Hangouts

Some Android users don't know too much about how to send text messages for Nexus 5 which carries Android 4.4 operating system. In Android 4.4, Hangouts which has powerful functions has taken the place of original text messages. The startup speed of Hangouts falls behind if it is only used to send and receive messages. If you don't know how to disable SMS messages in Hangouts, you can read carefully the instruction below.
After updating, Hangouts can not only used to send and receive text messages but also voice chat and video chat. If you don't like Hangouts to take over your text messages, you can disable it with the following steps:
1. To begin with, click on the top right corner of the interface, select "Settings" on the pop-up menu.
Disable Messages in Hangouts

2. Find "SMS" as below and click it.

3. Tick the box behind "Turns on SMS" to refuse sending and receiving messages with Hangouts.
Disable SMS Messages in Hangouts

Only with these 3 steps can you disable Hangouts of Android 4.4. It's easy, isn't it? Just try it by yourself.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

How to Increase the Reading Speed of Your SD Card

SD cards were divided into 3 ranks according to the reading speed, most of SD cards that we buy are of C4. That means the speed is 4MB/s. The SD card should be formatted before you use it for the first time. To format your SD card with your phone and to format with computer are two common ways to format SD card. However, the best efficiency of SD card doesn't exert yet. You will find that the default parameters can be set to be the best after you try SD Formatter 3.0 and you can maximize the reading speed of your SD card.
Increase the Reading Speed of Your SD Card

You can read the details as follow:
1. Backup the important files before formatting your SD card.
2. Download SD Formatter 3.0. After launch it, choose the drives that you want them to be formatted. Go to "Option"> "Format Type" > "Full(Overwrite)"> "Format Size Adjustment"> "ON".
3. After setting it, click "Format" to start formatting. After a while, the format finish.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Samsung will release Galaxy Note 3 in Rose Gold

Ever since Apple has release iPhone 5s(Gold edition), golden smartphone becomes popular. Recently, some Samsung information news unveiled that Samsung Company will release two more edition of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in red and in rose gold.
Samsung now has three colors for Note 3, white, black and pink. They decide to sell rose gold and red condition so as to catch fashion young customers’ eye. It is said that the red one will be sold late in this month and the rose gold one will be two weeks latter than the red one.
Galaxy Note 3 in Rose Gold

According to the pictures exposed, the design of the phone looks fashion. Apart from the rose gold of the phone body, the crust of the phone which is made of leather is in white color. The design of it is quite similar to that of Chanel. For the red edition, it uses red for the phone body and the silver color for the frame. The red and the rose gold edition of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be sold all over the world. It has a high possibility that the carriers of some regions can get a priority to sell them in advance.
Although the new editions are predicted to start selling near January, the authority news of the exact release time has not come out yet. Once we have the latest new, we will tell you about that. So, if you are interested in the selling time, you can pay close attention to us.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Ten Tips for Phone Camera Photography

Nowadays, taking photos by cell phone and sharing them on social media sites is coming into fashion as a new life style for people. Since everyone owns a cell phone, everyone has a camera with them wherever he is and whenever it is.
As the resolution of phone camera is becoming higher and higher, lens and editing applications more and more professional, phone camera is gaining more popularity and paid more attention to than ever before. Apart from the hardware conditions of camera itself, photographer's shooting skill is no doubt crucial to the image result. Here we sort out ten tips for taking photos, including some basic photography knowledge and composing tips for novice to snap flattering pictures no less favorable than that taken by digital cameras or mirrorless cameras.

1. Discover your device's capabilities
First of all, as a photographic fan, you have to know well how your cell phone camera works and its limits. Generally, phone camera has certain shutter speed range and fixed iris. Photographers need to know enough of them so they can get the best exposure effect by setting the ISO or other settings.

2. Use photography application
The good news is that nowadays there're numerable photography apps to help phone users overcome the restrictions of their devices. For example, Camera+ and Camera Awesome for iPhone's iSO, own features such as grid tool, color gradations, editing, exposure, focus control, which provide not only different kinds of filters but also access to fast upload and picture share on social media sites.
There's another app worth paying attention to—the 645 Pro, a professional photography apps for iPhone, provide SLR-level detail controlling for iPhone photography. Its slow shutter can create stunning lighting effects by long exposures, and in the meantime, maintain high ISO and minimal noise. Besides, Adole's Photoshop and PhotoForge 2, NIK Software's SnapSeed (applies to both iOS and Android) are also good photography or editing apps.
Use photography application

3. Exposure must be accurate
Proper exposure is crucial to get a superb picture no matter for phone cameras or digital SLR cameras. Exposure of an incorrectly exposed shot can't be rescued, no matter how strong the editing app and the filter are. So mind the exposure while shooting, don't leave it to post-processing.
Phone camera can always snap pretty good pictures outdoors when the light is enough, but you also need to find the most suitable light patiently. If it isn't well lit in the shade, you can use a white paper to reflect light or a flashlight, other phone screen as a fill-flash. Try your best to get optimum light, but leave the flash of your phone as the last resort.4. Composing is key
Like other professional photography, cell phone shooting should also consider composing problem.

4. Composing is key
Like other professional photography, cell phone shooting should also consider composing problem.
Composing is key

5. Take layered pictures
When shooting a photo, you should fully consider the subordination between your subject and foreground, middle and background. For example, place your subject in the foreground and blur the background, or capture the subject through window or mirror. It will add contents and interest to the photo.
Take layered pictures

6. Try different angels
You can try different capturing angels, like front, profile or shot from horizon or above, to break the dullness of image. It will add variety and interest to your picture. Unlike the bulky camera, cell phone won't be your burden, so you don't need to afraid of falling over or dare not climb to the windowsill. With your phone you can get closer to the detail or get a wider view to snap pictures give the extra "punch" you rarely get.

7. Shooting in black-and-white
While shooting, you might as well try the classic black-and-white picturing from the traditional optic photography.

8. Proper cropping
When you have enough time to compose, right cropping can change or enhance the image effects. Sometimes the scene changes so fast that the photographer has to react immediately and has scare time to compose carefully. In this case, you'd better take more than your subject in the frame and leave the cropping to editing app. As the resolution of phone camera becomes higher and higher, the picture quality won't decrease too much even if it's cropped to a small piece.

9. Use photographic accessories
In many cases, if shutterbug has some photographic accessories or little tools, the shooting can be more pleasure:
(1) Get a removable tripod for stable shooting.
(2) Use various magnetic lens: fisheye, wide-angle and telephoto, which work better than digital zoom.
(3) A pair of presbyopic glass blocks can be a good idea, which may give you favorable effects no less than that taken by SLR camera.

10. Keep shooting
The advantage of digital photograph is no film limit and immediate come-out. But phone camera has one more merit-- lightweight and portable. With this advantage you can keep shooting in those spontaneous moments to increase your chance of capturing the right shot. This is especially necessary for novices, as they lacks experience and are not keen enough to capture spontaneous moments in time.
Last but not least, photographer has to keep his mind open, use his eyes and mind to observe the world and reflect life, not just relying on device upgrading, tricks applying, so that he can shot more and more excellent pictures. When shooting, pay attention to the parameters—check whether the horizontal and vertical lines are correct (Many apps have horizontal line and grid as references).
The rule of thirds-- place the subject in the position of one third, which will make the picture look harmonious and sensuous.
Press quickly—don't waiting for the perfect composition. Put the elements and subjects in frame beforehand, then you can easily catch the most perfect moments in time when the beautiful scene appears.

Bear these simple tips in mind, take photos everywhere with your mobile phone. Your smart phone can also give you favorable results you can get from a digital camera. Just enjoy the freedom of snapping wherever you are and regardless of whether or not you have your photography kit around!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Nokia First Cross-border Terminal Exposures: Configuration Greatly Upgraded

With the arrival of WP8 GDR3, Nokia will launch a series of large-screen smartphones. According to the latest news, the Nokia first Cross-border terminal will be released in October this year.

The terminal will be equipped with a six-inch screen, and even one more terminal will come out with 1080p and quad-core processors (screen size is unknown yet but at least will be six inches). Also, the terminal owns the 41 million pixel camera as Lumia 1020 does. Rumors goes that it may be exactly the upgrade version of Lumia 1020 equipped with the same Xiaolong 800 processor and 1080p screen. The only difference is the new one will be promoted to a larger screen size.

News also reveals that Nokia has designed the Lumia 82X as the upgrade version of Lumia 820. It will be with 720p screen and quad-core processors and Lumia 825 is said to be 5.2 inches. Moreover, Nokia tablets are going to be on sale as well in this September. Resources tell that they are set to be whether 10.5 inches or 8.5 inches. So, keep attention please. More wonders are waiting for you in the following two months.

For more Android or iOS devices information, refer to our websites

Monday, November 18, 2013

How to Restore Soaked Phone to New

This low-end post is only for new hands, the highly skilled can click the fork in the upper right corner to leave.
First of all, don't panic, we put the case into three situations:
1. The phone fell into water when it is energized;
2. The phone fell into noncorrosive liquid when it is power cut;
3. The phone fell into unclean water when it is energized or fell into corrosive liquid, sticky liquid or other unclean liquid whether it is energized.

Here is my personal advice for the three different situations:

First, in the case that the phone fell into water when it is energized, you usually don't need to take apart the phone for processing.
1. Power off as soon as possible.
2. Forcibly shake it dry to get rid of the water in the screen, but don't drop the device. If water droplets remain within the screen, there will be marks when it's dried.
3. Put it under the desk lamp, light such slight heat sources to let the water evaporate slowly. This process requires more than six hours. Be patient. Don't use strong heat source such as hair dryer, which will screw things up.
After the three steps, generally, your device can work normally after it is wired up.

Second, the phone fell into noncorrosive liquid when it is power cut.
1. Shake it dry hard, but don't throw the device.
2. If there is no mark on the LCD screen, deal with it according to step 3 of the first case.
3. If something left on the screen and it is severe, don't tackle it according to the step 3 of the first case. Though it can make the electronic circuit work normally, the screen may be quite ugly. You can send it to the nearest maintenance department to handle it or open the device to clean up by yourself. (The one with poor hands-on skill had better send it to the professionals.)

Third, the phone fell into unclean water when it is energized or fell into corrosive liquid, sticky liquid or other unclean liquid whether it is energized.
1. Power off as soon as possible.
2. If it fell into the corrosive liquid (e.g., seawater), flush it with clean water immediately. Or put the device into clean water and try to dilute the internal corrosive liquid.
3. Disassemble the device as soon as possible, but be careful.
4. Clean it with alcohol or professional device-washing water.
5. Assemble. Or you can give the whole pack of parts to the maintenance point to clean up and assemble for you.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

One Click Root Third-party Recovery for HTC One

For a HTC One user, no matter for what reasons your want to root your device, with root access, you truly own your phone by overcoming limitations that carriers and manufacturers put on. Android is one of the most open and customizable mobile operating systems. But there's some risk involved rooting your device.
Here we bring HTC One users the simplest tutorials for one click rooting third-party Recovery. New hands don't need to worry much about the complicated procedures. With just one click, you can root the third-party REC with ease. As you know, only when you root it can you root the third-party ROM. Generally, third-party ROM is in ZIP format. The following is the simplest HTC One one-click root tutorial:
-Make sure your phone can be connect with the computer via a USB cable.
-Download and install the suitable HTC One (M7) Drivers on the computer.
-Download one-click root Recovery package.
When the preparations are done, unpack the Recovery package, open the extracted folder and perform a Double-click on the "run.bat" file. Done!
When the rooting is finished, you can check if your HTC One has been rooted or not by the "Root Checker" app. You can download it and install it on your phone.

Now you may know how to root the HTC one with one click method. But for the sake of safety, if you're not an advanced android user, you're strongly advised to leave it to the skilled who have enough experience on the rooting process.
Learn more about how to root an Android phone, please visit:

Sunday, November 3, 2013

How to Unlock and Root the Nexus 7

The Nexus 7 is a powerful device. Though it has received significant attention, many Android users might not know its real power when it's unencumbered by carriers. To release its power, you have to root it, which will make it more useful.
This post is teaching you how to unlock Bootloader and root Nexus 7 in detailed steps. To root Nexus 7 is with no difficulty attached in principle—unlock the bootloader, use fasboot to root TWRP Recovery, followed by TWRP rooting by which finally root Nexus7 on Android 4.3. This is the general procedure and the following will show you the steps in detail.
Please note that rooting has risk involved. Here we are not held liable for any damage to your device due to the instructions you follow.


Before you start, please make sure that fastboot driver is installed, if not, please follow the instructions below.
Please note that the unlocking will erase all data, so please make a full backup before that. (Or you can recover data from Android with some third-part software)

Unlock Nexus 7 Bootloader
1. Install Android SDK ( In fact, you only need fastboot.exe and adb.exe (download from here), and place them in specific location. Here we put them in C:/adb (built adb directory under the root directory of disc C);
2. Install Google USB driver (;
3. Turn on USB Debugging on Nexus 7;
4. Open a command prompt and enter C:/adb (where you had placed the fastboot.exe and adb.exe);
5. Input the following command: adb reboot bootloader;
6. Once n 7 2 had entered into bootloader mode, input this command in command prompt: fastboot oem unlock;
7. Use the volume button "+" on n7 to select "Yes" and confirm it by power button;
8. When the n7 screen says Unlocked, select "Start" by the volume button and confirm it by power button.
Once these steps are done, the bootloader is unlocked. Next, let's begin the rooting of Nexus 7 2.

Root TWRP Recovery and then root N7
1. Download SuperSU. The latest version is 1.4.5, the follow-up can be updated by play store:
2. Place SuperSU under the system root of n7;
3. Download TWRP recovery.img file to C:/adb (the directory where you placed fastboot.exe and adb.exe by which the needed commands is completed) (a crucial step);
TWRP Download:
4. Make sure that your n7 is connected with computer and has entered bootloader mode, if not, please repeat step 4 and step 5 in the above unlocking toturial.
5. Launch a command prompt and input:fastboot flash recovery "recovery.img" (replacing "recovery.img" with the actual name of the recovery file);
6. Once the rooting of TWRP is completed, the interface is still in Bootloader mode, please use volume down button to find out Recovery Mode and press power button to confirm;
7. Next, follow the steps below:
b:Enter Select Zip to install
c:Find the SuperSU zip file you saved and select it
d:Select yes and root SuperSU
8. Post rooting, reboot the device.

That's it. That's rooting, which you may have heard a hundred times before but never do it. If you've got one, you may take a risk to have a try. Rooting the Nexus 7 is really easy. Or now you may have unlocked the bootloader and root your Nexus 7. Enjoy! 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Backup and Restore your Android phone with ClockWorkMod Recovery

As we known, many advanced Android users like to customize their own devices, like installing new custom ROMs, flashing updated firmware and upgrading system. Undoubtedly, it is always better to make a backup before all that conduct you make in case whatever and whenever disaster strikes.
Such a backup is also called as Nandroid backup, including the whole system data, your personal information, apps and other individual data saved on your device. Many different ways can be used to backup your current ROM, and ClockworkMod recovery is one of the most favorable methods. It becomes more and more popular among Android users as you can make a backup anytime and anywhere with ease. So, here let's figure it out how to backup and restore your Android phone with ClockworkMod recovery (CMW recovery mode).

Backup your Android System
Step 1: Boot your Android phone into ClockWorkMod recovery mode. Different Android devices have different ways. For Samsung Nexus 4, you should press and hold "Volume up" key and "Power" when powered off.
Step 2: Press "Volume" key up or down to select "Backup and Restore" option, and then tap on "Power" button to confirm.
Step 3: Select "Backup" by pressing "Power" key now. It will start backing up your Android system to SD card automatically.
Step 4: Once completing the backup process, restart your Android phone. The backup file will be saved in a "clockworldmod" folder on your SD card. Check for it and rename it for use later.

Restore your Android Phone
Step 1: Similar to the step one above, boot your device into CWM recovery mode by using "Volume up" and "Power" buttons.
Step 2: Select "Backup and Restore" in the same way.
Step 3: In the submenu, use volume up and down key to choose "Restore" and confirm it by pressing "Power" button.
Step 4: The process will begin at once and finish with a note "Restore complete".
Note: If you want to recover all the personal settings in your apps, you can select "advanced restore" when you come to step3 talked above, and then choose "data.img". But it doesn't works for all Android devices. You may have a try.

Well, this is it. You will not spend more than 3 minutes to complete the whole backup or restore process. It helps you recover everything perfectly without any quality loss. You won't miss it. Also, you can click here for more Android information.

Monday, October 21, 2013

How to Restore a Wet Cell Phone

Dropped your cell phone in water? Don't panic so early. Even if your wet phone seems dead, there's still a good chance to recover it as new. But you have to act fast, because the longer the water stays inside, the greater the possibility it will ruin your phone. Depending on the kind of water, the degree of water damage and the time your phone was submerged you may be able to repair your wet phone. As water damage varies from case to case, we put the cases into three situations:
1. The phone fell into water when it is power-on;
2. The phone fell into noncorrosive liquid when it is power-off;
3. The phone fell into unclean water with power on or fell into corrosive liquid, sticky liquid or other unclean liquid whether it is power-off.

Here is my advice for the three different situations:

In the first situation, you usually don't need to take apart the phone.
1. Cut the power as soon as possible by removing the battery.
2. Shake it dry to get the water out, but be careful not to drop the device. If water drops remain inside the screen, there may be marks on it when it's dried.
3. Put it under the desk lamp, light or other slight heat sources to let the moisture evaporate slowly. This process requires more than six hours. Be patient. Mind that do not use strong heat source such as hair dryer, which will screw things up-it could warp internal components and melt adhesives.
After the three steps, generally, your cell phone can work normally after you switch it on.

In the second situation:
1. Shake your cell phone to get all the water out.
2. If there is no mark on the screen, deal with it according to step 3 of the first situation.
3. But if the cell phone is stained severely, don't tackle it in that way. Although it can make the electronic circuit work normally, the screen may not please to the eye. You can send it to the nearest maintenance department to handle it, or take it apart to dry it by yourself. (If you have poor hands-on skill, you'd better leave that to the professionals.)

In the third situation:
1. Take the battery out as soon as possible to cut the power.
2. If it fell into corrosive liquid (e.g., seawater), flush it with flesh water immediately or put it into clean water to dilute the internal corrosive liquid before it dries.
3. Disassemble the device as soon as possible, but be careful.
4. Clean it with alcohol or phone-washing special water.
5. Assemble. You can do it by yourself or leave the whole pack of parts to the maintenance point to dry it and assemble for you.

Wait at least a day or two before switching your cell phone on to see if it works.

Did it work for you? I am not sure that this will work in your case, but it is worth a try. With your timely action, your wet cell phone may be restored as new. Good luck!

Monday, October 14, 2013

How to Deal with iMessage Failures on iOS 7

Deal with iMessage Failures on iOS 7

iOS 7 publicly released a month ago and brought iOS devices users great wonders as well as surprises. While, many iOS 7 users recently report the problem that iMessage on their devices fails to work, like going unsent or not received from other iOS devices. Maybe you are one of these guys encountering this trouble as well.
Apple Company has realized the iMessage bug. They told the Wall Street Journal that a new updated version---iOS 7.0.3 is coming up soon to fix the bug, but the public revealing day is not confirmed. Some speculate it will be released next week. Whatever, before the new update version, let's find some way to help you out of the iMessage failure and make your device work well as before. The tips below may be helpful.

1. Go to your "Settings" < "iMessage", and turn off iMessage then.
2. Turn to "Settings" < "General" < "Reset", and tap on "Reset Network Settings".
3. Go back to "Settings" < "iMessage" and restart iMessage.
You can also try to restart your iDevice to see if it works. Or try turning off Wi-Fi and turn it on later. If they all don't help, then, keep calm. Turn off your iMessage and restart it after upgrading to iOS 7.0.3. The problem is just temporary and it will be tackled pretty soon.

Check here to read more about info about iOS and Android.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Analysis of Fingerprint Recognition Function of iPhone 5S

Today Apple published iPhone 5S/5C formally,meanwhile fingerprint recognition function of the phone has been confirmed ——it is time to say good bye to MyKeyLock and put your finger on the Home key when unlocking the iPhone. It will be tested whether such a new technology can trigger a revolution in the realm of mobile security, first of all, let's see how it works.

Electro-optic Fingerprint Recognition Technology

There are two major technologies in the realm of fingerprint recognition that we need to know——electro-optics and electric capacity. Electro-optic scanner is almost the same as a traditional scanner, both of which light the concave and convex texture of the sample and then capture into black and white photos by using CCD camera——the concave is black while convex is white. After scanning, the computer program will compare the distribution of cross points called 'detail', between the scanning photo and the existing material. If there are enough 'details' matching, user's identity will be confirmed and the permission will be conferred. But Apple does not use this technology.

Capacitive Fingerprint Identification

A more sensitive capacitance is used in iPhone5.It relies on a set of tiny capacitance element array. Each element width is less than a fingerprint. These elements include two conductor plates separated by insulating layer.

When you put your finger on the capacitance scanner, the finger bulges can cause some conductor plates connected, which comes into being loop and generate electric current, and the elements under the bulges remain separated. After that, the system will analyze the voltage generated by each element to judge which is in the concave and which is in the convex. Combining the data, the scanner will generate a fingerprint photo. It is similar with the one using electro-optic method but more accurate. The another advantage of the capacitance scanner is that it needs a real fingerprint instead of mere a distribution picture of light and shade, which makes it harder to deceive.

Harder to Decipher for Thieves

This technology is easy to use when it is demonstrated in the press conference. As soon as you slide down your finger, your fingerprint data will be put in and the phone is unlock .But the reality is more complicated. It is still not clear that whether this function can run perfectly if the finger is dirty or the weather is cold. Anyway it is a much more difficult job for thieves to decipher the fingerprint recognizer than the phone code.

Data Security

Apple said they would save the users' fingerprint data in their own phones instead of in the servers of Apple, which lowers the risk of data being stolen through Internet. So far,just in terms of fingerprint recognizer its safety is still high.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

HTC Sync Manager for HTC Phones

HTC Sync Manager makes it easy to sync your personal information between your computer and phone. With auto sync, you can synchronize Outlook contacts’ pictures and data. HTC Sync Manager can also help you copy your photos, videos, songs and playlist to your phone. Therefore, you can enjoy what you like with your phone. How to use HTC Sync Manager to make the sync between the computer and HTC phone? Follow the instructions below.

Steps to Use HTC Sync Manager
1. Connect the USB cable between your mobile phone to your computer.

2. Select HTC Sync Manager as the type of connection.

3. Select one or several photos, videos, or music.
Just choose what you like to be synced.

4. On the right side of bottom of HTC Sync Manager, click ‘Send to phone’ icon.
In this step you can send what you want to your HTC phone.

5. Click your HTC phone name.
Enter your HTC phone name and then you can begin to use HTC Sync Manager.

HTC Sync is compatible to almost every HTC phones. The newest version of HTC Sync is more compatible to HTC Incredible S, HTC Desire HD, HTC Aria, HTC Wildfire, HTC Desire, HTC Legend, HTC Tattoo, HTC Hero (Android 2.1), HTC Hero, HTC Hero, HTC Magic, HTC Desire Z, etc. HTC Sync is now popular among HTC phone users. Come and try HTC Sync Manager! I am sure you will enjoy the experience of using HTC Sync Manager on your HTC phone.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to Connect Samsung Phone to Kies

Samsung Kies become more and more popular among Samsung users. And it helps these users a lot about using the phone. You can move songs, photos, videos, and so on, between Kies and your Samsung phone. If your Samsung phone fails in connecting with Samsung Kies, it is because that the driver doesnt work. You can reinstall the driver and then move on to the instructions below.

Today, I will show you the method to connect Samsung Kies. There are several steps to finish it. Just follow the instructions below carefully: 
Install Samsung Kies in your PC and you can install software easily.
1. Install the Kies (the latest version)

2. Enable "Samsung Kies".
Enter "setting"> "about phone"> "USB setting".
Note: When the version of your phone is 2.2 or above, set the USB in the “wireless Internet”

3. Enables USB debugging by "setting"> "application management"> "development"> "USB debugging".

4. Plug in the USB cable. Press the "Home" button to go back to the Home page. And there will be a note of installing the driver on the computer and initializing the equipment. Now the computer is installing all the drivers.
5. Double click Samsung Kies, you will connect your Samsung phone with Kies.

Samsung Kies brings so much convenience for us. And it can help you copy contacts, install software and so on. We can add movie to our phone and enjoy watching it. And we can also add songs to our playlist of our phone freely.