Sunday, December 22, 2013

How to Increase the Reading Speed of Your SD Card

SD cards were divided into 3 ranks according to the reading speed, most of SD cards that we buy are of C4. That means the speed is 4MB/s. The SD card should be formatted before you use it for the first time. To format your SD card with your phone and to format with computer are two common ways to format SD card. However, the best efficiency of SD card doesn't exert yet. You will find that the default parameters can be set to be the best after you try SD Formatter 3.0 and you can maximize the reading speed of your SD card.
Increase the Reading Speed of Your SD Card

You can read the details as follow:
1. Backup the important files before formatting your SD card.
2. Download SD Formatter 3.0. After launch it, choose the drives that you want them to be formatted. Go to "Option"> "Format Type" > "Full(Overwrite)"> "Format Size Adjustment"> "ON".
3. After setting it, click "Format" to start formatting. After a while, the format finish.


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