Monday, November 25, 2013

Nokia First Cross-border Terminal Exposures: Configuration Greatly Upgraded

With the arrival of WP8 GDR3, Nokia will launch a series of large-screen smartphones. According to the latest news, the Nokia first Cross-border terminal will be released in October this year.

The terminal will be equipped with a six-inch screen, and even one more terminal will come out with 1080p and quad-core processors (screen size is unknown yet but at least will be six inches). Also, the terminal owns the 41 million pixel camera as Lumia 1020 does. Rumors goes that it may be exactly the upgrade version of Lumia 1020 equipped with the same Xiaolong 800 processor and 1080p screen. The only difference is the new one will be promoted to a larger screen size.

News also reveals that Nokia has designed the Lumia 82X as the upgrade version of Lumia 820. It will be with 720p screen and quad-core processors and Lumia 825 is said to be 5.2 inches. Moreover, Nokia tablets are going to be on sale as well in this September. Resources tell that they are set to be whether 10.5 inches or 8.5 inches. So, keep attention please. More wonders are waiting for you in the following two months.

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