Sunday, November 10, 2013

One Click Root Third-party Recovery for HTC One

For a HTC One user, no matter for what reasons your want to root your device, with root access, you truly own your phone by overcoming limitations that carriers and manufacturers put on. Android is one of the most open and customizable mobile operating systems. But there's some risk involved rooting your device.
Here we bring HTC One users the simplest tutorials for one click rooting third-party Recovery. New hands don't need to worry much about the complicated procedures. With just one click, you can root the third-party REC with ease. As you know, only when you root it can you root the third-party ROM. Generally, third-party ROM is in ZIP format. The following is the simplest HTC One one-click root tutorial:
-Make sure your phone can be connect with the computer via a USB cable.
-Download and install the suitable HTC One (M7) Drivers on the computer.
-Download one-click root Recovery package.
When the preparations are done, unpack the Recovery package, open the extracted folder and perform a Double-click on the "run.bat" file. Done!
When the rooting is finished, you can check if your HTC One has been rooted or not by the "Root Checker" app. You can download it and install it on your phone.

Now you may know how to root the HTC one with one click method. But for the sake of safety, if you're not an advanced android user, you're strongly advised to leave it to the skilled who have enough experience on the rooting process.
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