Monday, October 21, 2013

How to Restore a Wet Cell Phone

Dropped your cell phone in water? Don't panic so early. Even if your wet phone seems dead, there's still a good chance to recover it as new. But you have to act fast, because the longer the water stays inside, the greater the possibility it will ruin your phone. Depending on the kind of water, the degree of water damage and the time your phone was submerged you may be able to repair your wet phone. As water damage varies from case to case, we put the cases into three situations:
1. The phone fell into water when it is power-on;
2. The phone fell into noncorrosive liquid when it is power-off;
3. The phone fell into unclean water with power on or fell into corrosive liquid, sticky liquid or other unclean liquid whether it is power-off.

Here is my advice for the three different situations:

In the first situation, you usually don't need to take apart the phone.
1. Cut the power as soon as possible by removing the battery.
2. Shake it dry to get the water out, but be careful not to drop the device. If water drops remain inside the screen, there may be marks on it when it's dried.
3. Put it under the desk lamp, light or other slight heat sources to let the moisture evaporate slowly. This process requires more than six hours. Be patient. Mind that do not use strong heat source such as hair dryer, which will screw things up-it could warp internal components and melt adhesives.
After the three steps, generally, your cell phone can work normally after you switch it on.

In the second situation:
1. Shake your cell phone to get all the water out.
2. If there is no mark on the screen, deal with it according to step 3 of the first situation.
3. But if the cell phone is stained severely, don't tackle it in that way. Although it can make the electronic circuit work normally, the screen may not please to the eye. You can send it to the nearest maintenance department to handle it, or take it apart to dry it by yourself. (If you have poor hands-on skill, you'd better leave that to the professionals.)

In the third situation:
1. Take the battery out as soon as possible to cut the power.
2. If it fell into corrosive liquid (e.g., seawater), flush it with flesh water immediately or put it into clean water to dilute the internal corrosive liquid before it dries.
3. Disassemble the device as soon as possible, but be careful.
4. Clean it with alcohol or phone-washing special water.
5. Assemble. You can do it by yourself or leave the whole pack of parts to the maintenance point to dry it and assemble for you.

Wait at least a day or two before switching your cell phone on to see if it works.

Did it work for you? I am not sure that this will work in your case, but it is worth a try. With your timely action, your wet cell phone may be restored as new. Good luck!

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