Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to Connect Samsung Phone to Kies

Samsung Kies become more and more popular among Samsung users. And it helps these users a lot about using the phone. You can move songs, photos, videos, and so on, between Kies and your Samsung phone. If your Samsung phone fails in connecting with Samsung Kies, it is because that the driver doesnt work. You can reinstall the driver and then move on to the instructions below.

Today, I will show you the method to connect Samsung Kies. There are several steps to finish it. Just follow the instructions below carefully: 
Install Samsung Kies in your PC and you can install software easily.
1. Install the Kies (the latest version)

2. Enable "Samsung Kies".
Enter "setting"> "about phone"> "USB setting".
Note: When the version of your phone is 2.2 or above, set the USB in the “wireless Internet”

3. Enables USB debugging by "setting"> "application management"> "development"> "USB debugging".

4. Plug in the USB cable. Press the "Home" button to go back to the Home page. And there will be a note of installing the driver on the computer and initializing the equipment. Now the computer is installing all the drivers.
5. Double click Samsung Kies, you will connect your Samsung phone with Kies.

Samsung Kies brings so much convenience for us. And it can help you copy contacts, install software and so on. We can add movie to our phone and enjoy watching it. And we can also add songs to our playlist of our phone freely.

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