Sunday, September 29, 2013

HTC Sync Manager for HTC Phones

HTC Sync Manager makes it easy to sync your personal information between your computer and phone. With auto sync, you can synchronize Outlook contacts’ pictures and data. HTC Sync Manager can also help you copy your photos, videos, songs and playlist to your phone. Therefore, you can enjoy what you like with your phone. How to use HTC Sync Manager to make the sync between the computer and HTC phone? Follow the instructions below.

Steps to Use HTC Sync Manager
1. Connect the USB cable between your mobile phone to your computer.

2. Select HTC Sync Manager as the type of connection.

3. Select one or several photos, videos, or music.
Just choose what you like to be synced.

4. On the right side of bottom of HTC Sync Manager, click ‘Send to phone’ icon.
In this step you can send what you want to your HTC phone.

5. Click your HTC phone name.
Enter your HTC phone name and then you can begin to use HTC Sync Manager.

HTC Sync is compatible to almost every HTC phones. The newest version of HTC Sync is more compatible to HTC Incredible S, HTC Desire HD, HTC Aria, HTC Wildfire, HTC Desire, HTC Legend, HTC Tattoo, HTC Hero (Android 2.1), HTC Hero, HTC Hero, HTC Magic, HTC Desire Z, etc. HTC Sync is now popular among HTC phone users. Come and try HTC Sync Manager! I am sure you will enjoy the experience of using HTC Sync Manager on your HTC phone.

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