Monday, October 20, 2014

Solution to Lacking Storage Space in iCoud

iCloud, a free cloud service operated by Apple Inc, can provide information and data sharing and synchronization for iPhone, iPad and Mac. For example, our daily use iPhone is able to automatically sync data including contacts, memos, web bookmarks, and photos to iCloud via opening iCloud service with Apple ID logged in. If you launch iCloud with the same Apple ID on other devices, your information will be synchronized into other devices so as to realize files sharing. After using the device for a longtime, the data in your cellphone like photos and backup for apps will be more and more, possibly causing lack of backup storage space. Let’s take iPhone as an example to show you how to solve this problem.

Here are the steps to follow:
1. When you are charging your iPhone which has been connected to Wi-Fi and is with iCould service launched, actually your data will be automatically uploaded by your device. In this case, when iCloud is short of storage space, the system will remind you via the pop-up below. You can click "Close" to ingore it, or "Settings" to operate.

2.Click "Settings" on home screen.

3.Then you will find "iCloud" option in the setting list. Enter it.

4.After access to iCloud, look at the bottom of the list, find and click "Storage & Backup".

5.Now you can see the total and availabe storage of your iCloud, click "Manage Storage".

6.On the following interface, you can see how many devices this same iCloud account has been logged in. The picture below shows that my account has been used on two devices. The content from "ducument & data" are common data saved on both devices. You can see that my iPhone occupies most in iCloud savedup files, so enter it.

7.Next, you will see the detailed files on iCloud and find that camera roll takes up most. By turning it off you will stop and delete the backup.
Note: The photos on your mobile will not be affected even if you turn off camera roll.

8.This time the system will ask us to confirm whether to turn off and delete, click it.

9.By the way, if you do not want to back up all files in iCloud, click "Delete Backup" button on the bottom, which helps to remove all in iCloud savedup documents.

10.After cancelling unnecessary information from backup, return to "Storage & Backup", now you will discover that your available storage is enlarged.

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